Johnny Pixel is on board!

the marvelous, tiny worlds of Johnny Pixel

Hi everyone!

The tiny men of Johnny Pixel are for sale on our accout on OpenSea:

The MICRO worlds of Johnny Pixel: Imagine parallel universes made of pure fantasy. A fantasy that, however, wants to be very close to reality: Johnny Pixel’s little people live in his house, nature, the places we usually frequent, represent us.

Looking at these images is like accompanying them in their adventures, in their stories, from which the various aspects of human life, made up of feelings, vices, fun, creativity, work, weaknesses, desires, leak out.

As usual most of the Ethereum gained from every sale will be handed to CRPH as donation. Thank you, Johnny!

We tied collaboration with the artist thanks to the help of the Manifiesto Blanco association:




Art and NFTs for a right cause: a project for Burma — and the World.

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Art and NFTs for a right cause: a project for Burma — and the World.

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